Wedding countdown

We’re under the 9-month mark now
until the big day!!
An update….

I am so excited! We have our honeymoon booked!! And it’s the number one place on my bucket list! 2 weeks touring the Greek Islands! Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and a couple of days in Athens as well. The itinerary sounds perfect. The package came with flights, hotels, breakfasts and transfers between islands. This will allow us to tour around at our own pace and enjoy each other’s company on our honeymoon not be on tour with a big group of people! Have any of you been? Any recommendations for us? Eeekk! I cannot wait!! I’m excited about the wedding too of course but Greece!! Wowza! Still feels like a dream!

You already know that I’m a serious Type-A individual and Mark hardly had that ring on me and the bulk of the planning was done. The date, the venue, photographer, DJ, hair and makeup, my dress, the girl’s dresses, Mark’s suit.

Next up: Planning the menu, figuring out the two boys attire, flowers/décor, cake, picking out rings and getting my butt in gear to get back in shape!

I’m starting this last item today. Starting a fitness regime and healthy eating will never work for me if I start on a Monday. I’d just be setting myself up for failure if I did that. I tried doing virtual workouts at home, but it was too easy for me to make excuses not to. I’m the type that needs to commit myself to classes outside the home, so I know I have to be there and when I’m there I have someone holding me accountable! It’s how I lost the last of the baby weight after Addison too. Bootcamp classes are intense but so worth it.

I have a plan to improve my eating habits. But first, thank you, my sweet fiancé, for bringing home all the Christmas chocolates that the stores had on clearance. Those are disappearing tonight, out of sight out of mind! More veggies, lean protein and less sugar and carbs should do the trick. I’m also not good at “dieting”, looking at it as healthy choices to help fuel my body is much easier to adapt to.

I’ll keep you all updated on Instagram how this fitness journey goes, wish me luck. This used to be a huge part of my life and then life happened. Once I moved in with Mark, going from 1 kid to 4 really made it a lot more difficult to find time to devote to fitness, but it’s important to take care of yourself too. Something I’ve learned the hard way after starting this blended family journey. Your needs can very easily come last, so I need to make a valiant effort to make myself a priority too.

I was hoping to just do away with the whole cake thing at the wedding. I’ve never been much for cake, neither is Mark. We’ve both been to countless weddings where you hardly even take a bite of the cake because you’re still so full from dinner. It just seems like an unnecessary expense. Well, once the kids caught wind of this I was told I’m the worst wedding planner there is, you must have cake! So, we’re looking at options, maybe the cupcake or donut route might be a good alternative.

Flowers is another thing I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on. I know I mentioned looking at Costco and that’s still an option, just a little worried if there’s a lot of work involved in getting them “wedding ready” I am not the girl for that job! I don’t have a green thumb or a crafty bone in my body so if assembly is required this idea is out! I was given another referral to a lady that did my cousins wedding, it was beautifully done and not over priced, so I’ve contacted her, and we’ll go from there. I know that I want simple, classy, elegant, most likely white as the colour choice. Stay tuned….

We have a date coming up with the venue to do a tasting and pick the menu, knowing Mark he will want beef for sure. I’m more of a fish girl so hopefully they’ll have options that suit both our tastes. I’m looking forward to the meal and the complimentary overnight too! Date overnights are the best!

The rings and the boys attire should be simple. I don’t know if renting or buying makes more sense for them though. For Mark we bought his suit because he’s not a growing boy and will get future use out of it. These guys though might be smart to price out both options! And the rings we’ll go to the spot Mark got the engagement ring, so we get the match to mine.

We’ve agreed to write our vows too and I had this day not too long ago where I was feeling very sentimental, listening to the song I will walk up the aisle too, and the words just came flowing out, so my vows are done! Mark’s hoping to find inspiration online, aka copy and take the easy way out. He’s all talk. He always writes the best messages in all my cards for special occasions so there’s no doubt he’ll pull this off too.

We still need an officiant! I almost forgot! Can’t get married without that. Mark grew up Catholic but isn’t a practicing Catholic now. I grew up in a church that I no longer go to or have ties to so without a religious background we may just find someone licensed but I’m really hoping to find someone who will keep things short, heartfelt, intimate and really concrete the importance of this moment. This one may be harder than I thought.

I know everything will get done and I know the next few months will fly by but as much as there’s a long to do list when it comes to wedding planning, something I know not everyone is fond of, there is so much excitement too.

You’ll always have critics no matter what you do, so if you’re in wedding planning mode as well, the best advice I can give you is to make sure you and your fiancé (and kids, if you’re in a similar situation to us) are happy. No one else’s two cents matter one bit. Even if you think for a second that it does, it doesn’t. You will be the ones looking back on this day for years to come. Others will not be putting that much thought into it.

Let them make a stink that your cousin twice removed isn’t making the guest list and let them squawk about the seating arrangements or whatever else they can think of to give you a hard time about. This is about you and your union. It’s your special day and you plan it and do whatever makes you happiest. You’ll only regret it if you don’t.

xx Jenn