They Grow Up So Fast
You blink and they’re in double digits. Our sassy and beautiful youngest daughter is turning 10… It’s hard to believe that Addison is turning 10. It feels like yesterday that she was born, but at the same time it feels like it’s been forever. Mark and I both share the
There is no space for insecurities as a Step-Mom. You better pull your big girl pants up STAT! Sometimes I wonder if I’m the most insecure human out there. I see every flaw, every imperfection magnified in myself ALL the time. I can always see the beauty in others, but
Wedding countdown
We’re under the 9-month mark now until the big day!!An update…. I am so excited! We have our honeymoon booked!! And it’s the number one place on my bucket list! 2 weeks touring the Greek Islands! Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and a couple of days in Athens as well. The itinerary
school situations
Co-ordinating each day is super easy……NOT! In keeping with the last posts theme… something you guys don’t know yet is all 4 of our kids are in 4 different schools! Coordinating that each day is super easy… not! Our oldest in high school so that’s a given. Alyssa takes the
Back to reality
As if Mondays weren’t already HARD ENOUGH! It’s hard transitioning from fun filled holiday time and the weekend, full of rest and relaxation, to the mundane reality that is Monday…. ugh! The holidays are officially over, well they’ve been over for me since New Years Day but for the kids,
Step-Mother chronicles
Life according to society, the media and other’s not in your shoes. This has been a big point of contention for me since dating a man with kids and I myself bringing along a child from a previous marriage. As much as divorce and remarriage numbers have sky rocketed it
New Year New ME
A new year, a new ME! I thought it was self indulgent to see myself the way you see me. I thought it would make me an irritating arrogant ass to appreciate myself to take pride in myself to see that I really am amazing. I was raised in a
Football Family
A passion,an interest,a religion. There is no mistaking, we are very much a football family. In Canada it’s always about hockey, not as much football as the sport of choice, but not in our house – NFL football is king!  Mark has been a Dallas Cowboys fan since he was
Mr & Mrs
You can go from 0-60 in a flashThe wedding ideas start NOW You can go from 0-60 very fast when you’re a planner by nature. It took all of 30 seconds for the excitement of the many wonderful plans we’d be able to make now, to sink in after the initial