NEVER Say Never

Finding Love After Heartbreak

So, you know the story of how we met, how 2 became 6 and a bit of background on each of us. Mark and I have done things relatively quickly. We met in October, kids met in December, Addison and I moved in the following summer, fast forward 1 more year and there’s Mark down on one knee, asking me to marry him.

We both said we would never ever get married again.  It’s amazing how tainted your view becomes once you’ve been badly burned.  I think as humans it’s hard wired into us to project our pasts onto our present and future.  You ask someone out on a date, they laugh in your face, you know that sucked and add it to the list of things you won’t ever do again to avoid being hurt.  You enter marriage thinking you’re signing up for life only to realize you’ve signed up with the wrong individual.  You decide to part ways and no matter how amicable the separation, divorce hurts… badly! So, why would you ever consciously choose to take a chance on that again?  Never say never!

Meeting Mark was a game changer.  As a little girl you grow up reading fairy tales and love stories watching romantic comedies as you get older learning about the type of guy that oozes romance out his pores… gross description, but you get what I mean, romance, so much romance it’s nauseating.  I grew up in a home where my Dad did all kinds of romantic things for my Mom.  Slow dances, flowers, shopping trips, coffee and lunches just because, so of course you grow up with a vision that this is what love in real life looks like. Ha! Wrong! It seems very few turn out this way.  The first marriage…. forget it.  Romance never existed, and I accepted that as good enough for me, but I shouldn’t have.  I knew in my heart it never would be.  This is why you can NEVER settle.  Please, I’m begging you, if you learn only one thing from reading what I have to say DO NOT EVER SETTLE!!

I believed that there really was someone out there who would be compatible with me in every way, that if this romance thing really was important to me I would find someone who would check that box, and boy did I ever.  Mark is a fantastic family man, he sets an amazing example for the boys showing them how to treat a woman and an incredible example to the girls, how they deserve and should be treated by a man.  He likes to claim he’s not romantic, but I beg to differ.  Every morning it doesn’t matter what kind of dog’s breakfast I may look like, he tells me I look beautiful and he actually means it.  I think perhaps he should get his eyes checked but whatever he’s seeing, he’s adamant and makes me believe it.  It’s a look like he won the lottery, the luckiest guy out there.  I can’t tell you how good that makes you feel even on your worst day.

So, it goes without saying that when it came time for the engagement you want to believe it was beyond incredible!  He planned a surprise getaway at my favourite spot in Niagara on the Lake.  Arranged a horse and carriage ride down to the beautiful gazebo by the water and got down on one knee and said a whole bunch of amazingly beautiful things that I so wish I could remember but nerves got the best of me in the moment.  No idea, how he kept it together the way he did, but to sum it up he told me I’m his best friend and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and he pulled out the ring (the ring that’s pictured on the homepage) No wonder I can’t remember what was said, did you see that thing!?!?  I said yes, then we headed back for a romantic dinner at the hotel with another surprise of roses and champagne. It was remarkable in every way!

Now here we are, doing the exact thing we said we’d never do again!  I think there’s symbolic importance to it for the kids too.  To really concrete that we are two families now becoming one.  That I’m not just Dad’s girlfriend and he’s not just Mark but we’re Step-Mom and Step-Dad to these great kids, who are all very very excited about the upcoming nuptials. 

xx Jenn

2 thoughts on “NEVER Say Never”

  1. Made me cry! I remember how inseparable you both were at a work holiday function and am so happy it has worked out so well! I too have a romantic thoughtful gentleman in my second husband so this is so relatable. And I cannot imagine you ever look like a dog’s breakfast!

  2. Thank you for the love Lisa! I’m glad you got it right the second time too! Makes it all worthwhile. That Christmas party brings us back to the very early days of Mark and I, not much has changed luckily 😊

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