I LoveMusic.

Live. Recorded.  Acoustic. 
All of it.

Have you ever felt completely lost, trying to figure out your purpose, trying to understand how life can possibly throw someone so many curve balls!?  Feelings of inadequacy, fear, worry and all kinds of mixed negative emotions?  It happens to all of us from time to time, when hard times hit, I turn to music.  The type of music that reminds me just how resilient I am, that my self image is not defined on the hard days (read more about my journey and hard days)


This playlist will date for me sure, but it’s worth it sharing these “oldies” with you. This list is nostalgic and uplifting. I listen to it while driving or just hanging out, anytime I want to take a trip down memory lane. I’m a 90’s girl, that’s apparent. What genre is your favorite?

It’s Christmas

Christmas music to suit all tastes….this is what you’ll hear in our house throughout December. A collection of the classics, and some new note worthy renditions too.

Chill out

This is a playlist that I listen to when I need to just calm the, you know what, down.  It’s a compilation of all kinds, music that is easy to listen to. Music that helps you feel good.

This is Me

A playlist to help you believe in yourself when hard times knock you down.   This playlist is made up of songs that remind me of where I’ve been, what I’ve been through and what I’ve gotten through.  Looking back on all these lemons I’ve been given in my life and seeing how it’s all turned into this kick ass lemonade is not something to be discouraged by but something I should be celebrating everyday, and so should you.  You should celebrate you, every single day because you are amazing, and you are enough. Give this list a listen next time you need a reminder of how incredible you are!