And kids make 6!!!

Our blending adventure starts

Last post I gave you the nitty gritty on me and how my life lead to Mark, today I want to share with you a little bit about the kids. Addison, my daughter from my previous marriage is 9, going on 16! She was an only child for the first seven years of her life and became very accustomed to having Mom all to herself. She has a huge heart and a ton of empathy for others. On the flip side it’s almost as though 9 flipped a switch and catapulted us into the teen years.  Heaven help us when we’re actually in that stage. When she was younger she used to ask Santa every Christmas for a baby brother or a baby sister….. on the days that she’s not too fond of her new found siblings i like to reminder her of this…. be careful what you wish for little one.

Mark met Addison about a month after we had started dating.  She warmed up to him instantly, which was completely out of character for her.  They’ve had an incredible bond ever since.  Addison and I met Mark’s 3 kids 2 months after we had started dating.  Justin was 13, the oldest. He’s exceptionally smart, like off the charts, rocket scientist level type stuff we’re talking here. As if I wasn’t intimidated enough!  Alyssa was 11, very quiet, very much attached to her daddy and then there was Jayden who was 9 at the time.  He’s full spunk, similar to Addison and a spitting image of his Father.  As we approached the house it got harder and harder to breathe, feeling like there was an elephant on my chest.  A million things started racing through my mind…. what if they don’t like me, there’s three of them that’s like an entire audience.  I hope I don’t say anything dumb.  I have a tendency to ramble on and on when I’m nervous.  What if we all don’t mesh.  What if Addison has a hard time fitting in.  What if I don’t like them, am I even allowed to have that opinion…. OK, just breathe.  I finally calmed down my anxious brain and turned the negative what ifs into what if this comes as naturally as it did when Mark and I met.  Hello, they’re his flesh and blood, how could it not go well!?  I walked through that door and was pleasantly greeted by all three of them.  Addison went off and played right away, another shocker for at the time.  To mark the special occasion we took them to Medieval Times, came home, watched Christmas Vacation and drank hot chocolate.  It turned out to be a pretty perfect start.

Aren’t beginnings great!?  There’s something so magical and innocent behind the newness of a fresh start and a new beginning, but lets remember this is not a Disney movie here folks, more on the reality check later

xx Jenn